Monthly Archives: July 2014

We Wish You A Happy Hogmanay!

Ok, we concede that it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas and New Year just yet, but just go with it for a moment. At Kingsmills Hotel, we love to let you know about offers happening later in the year so that you as the valued guests get a heads up so you […]

Have a Swimming Lunch up Here with Us

At The Kingsmills Hotel we experience the beauty of Inverness daily. With all the excitement in Scotland this year tourists from all over are getting to experience the glorious Scottish weather and hospitality of the locals. If you have the chance to explore further afield this visit, you must come to the highlands. Inverness is […]

Riding the Waves of the Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Day at Kingsmills Hotel Have you got any idea as to where you might be on Sunday September 28th? You might already have a very good idea and possibly even have booked it, but just in case you haven’t—and of course in case you have, we are going to reveal your own secret—we […]

I’m Getting Married in The Morning

  Here at The Kingsmills Hotel we love a good wedding, and it is not unusual to catch members of our staff with tissues in hand when it gets very emotional. We simply love to make our guests feel comfortable and welcome and when it comes to catering and putting on a memorable wedding we […]