The Wonders of Loch Ness – Kingsmills Hotel, Inverness

For many years now, the wonder of Loch Ness has attracted visitors from far and wide.  Some to enjoy the staggering natural beauty and wildlife of the loch, and for others to explore the Jurassic Park reputation in the hope of adding to the 1,000 reliable sightings of “The Loch Ness Monster”. The Loch Ness visitor centre is a multi-lingual, multi-media 5 star visitor attraction. Scottish Natural Heritage called it  “A portal to the unique natural phenomenon that is Loch Ness”. Opened by Sir Randolph Fiennes, the centre does a wonderful job of feeding the desire for evidence of “Nessie”; there are many well publicised and convincing photographs on display.  On the other hand, hoaxes and illusions, Scotland’s journey and the legacy of the ice, life in the abyss and a possible underlying truth are given equal voice. Covering 500 million years of history, natural mystery and legend revealing the unique environment of Loch Ness, the visitor centre is a “must see” when visiting Inverness. One of the very best ways to truly experience Loch Ness is by cruise boat.  Several operators do this exceptionally well and indeed some stop off at the Visitor centre so you get the full experience. The cruises last from a short trip of around 1 hour, right up to 6 hours on the loch.  You can fully appreciate the majesty of this legendary place in the Highlands and along with way you will no doubt be stirred by the history and mystery around you. If you are planning a trip to Inverness, to see whether you can spot “Nessie”, The Kingsmills Hotel is the perfect place to rest your head after a long day down on the loch. To view our special offers please click here, or to view our amazing rooms you can click here.

Image of the Loch Ness Monster